Marriage and Family Counselling


This course is designed to explore the biblical/theological basics, the research findings, and clinical issues for marriage and family therapy. Students examine the nature, function, and forms of marital covenants, intimacy, and transformations. Participants will consider a variety of approaches for marriage and family counselling, examine their own beliefs and practices in those areas, and reflect on cultural approaches to use in counselling others. Members will share in a variety of personal learning exercises and clinical experience for role-play during class.


  • Pastoral Care and Counselling
  • Pastoral Studies



  • To develop a biblical and theological Foundation for a perspective on marriage and the family and for marriage enrichment
    To learn and to evaluate theologically what research says about marriage and the family



  • To experience marriage and family enrichment by clinically exploring personal relationships



  • To develop attitudes and skills for leading marriage enrichment and family growth seminars in a church context.