Old Testament Apologetics (PhD)


­This course provides essential responses to ethical challenges to Old Testament texts and theology, answering questions such as: Can we trust the text of the Bible or has it been distorted over time? Is the God of the Old Testament different than God in the New Testament? What is the character of God like according to the Old Testament? Is the History in the Old Testament Bad History? Is the Bible scientifically accurate? Is the Old Testament misogynistic or patriarchal? What about the so-called genocidal conquest of Canaan? Why all the harsh punishments in Old Testament law? Are biblical laws immoral? What about Psalms that call for vengeance or even the murder of babies? This course will consider various Christian responses to these challenges and critically assesses their value for defending the authority and theological importance of the OT scriptures in both their ancient context and for the Church today.


  • To gain an awareness of the basic issues relating to contemporary intellectual challenges to the morality and authority of the Old Testament
  • To gain an understanding of the diverse Christian responses to these intellectual challenges to the Old Testament
  • To gain a deeper understanding of the nature and significance of so-called problem texts in the Old Testament
  • To be familiar with Christian resources available for further study in this area


  • To embrace the contemporary relevance of Old Testament texts for the Church today
  • To grow closer to God through study of the Old Testament


  • To be able to interpret Old Testament texts in their original contexts
  • To be able to recognize and critique intellectual challenges to the Old Testament
  • To be able to explain reasons for confidence and faith in Old Testament scriptures, drawing on theological, historical, and exegetical arguments
  • To be able to articulate personal responses to such challenges to the Old Testament