Political Theology

TH 3XP3/6XP6

Fall 2018
Mon 9:00 AM-10:50 AM

This course explores the various forms of political theology and theological approaches that implicate Christians and the church in politics. Part of this course would chart the history of Christian political theology—e.g., liberation theology. It would devote significant time to contemporary approaches and issues—e.g., eco-theology and ways of understanding the political identity of the church and Christians—e.g., should Christians be exiles on the margin of empire?


  • Know a variety of biblical, historical, and contemporary ways Christians have understood the relationship between Christianity and the state.
  • Know the distinct historical-cultural contexts of Christian political theology and the variety of Christian responses to those cultural conditions.
  • Consider contemporary political issues from a Christian perspective.


  • Appreciate that theology is a dynamic and contextual effort to discern appropriate ways to embody the redemption revealed in Jesus Christ.
  • Embrace a deeper sense of your Christian identity vis-à-vis contemporary political theologies.
  • Become more aware of the biblical, theological, and cultural influences on your Christian political views.


  • Analyze contemporary political issues from a Christian perspective.
  • Be able to develop responses to political that draw on biblical, historical, and theological resources in political theology.
  • Develop skills addressing contemporary political issues from a Christian perspective.