Professional Ethics

MS 5YE5/6YE6

Fall 2017

This course explores the concept of professional ethics in relation to the practices of professional ministry. It has three components: an exploration of the distinction between the traditions of theological ethics and professional ethics more generally, an engagement with prominent literature on professional ethics in ministry (including with particular examples of codes of ethics), and a concern to foster critical ethical reflection on personal experiences in professional ministry.



  • To become familiar with traditions of theological reasoning about ethical issues.
  • To gain facility with current research and literature on professional ethics in ministry.



  • To nurture deeper self-reflection on one’s own professional identity
  • To foster habits that will support the on-going demands of Christian life and ministry.



  • To develop the ability to employ diverse methods of ethical analysis and ethical frameworks in the diverse cultural and discipline specific contexts of one’s specialization.
  • To cultivate practices for self-care and ministry.