Research Design & Implementation


Fall 2019
On Campus Days: Oct 18-29

In this course the student will extend their knowledge of and skills for application in the design of context-specific proposals for practitioner-research projects. The student will critically analyze, synthesize and reflect on their professional practice and practice context(s) with a view to clarifying the focus and purpose of their research as well as the relationship of the research to their professional practice and their practice context or setting. The student will explore relevant research approaches and practice designing their dissertation research program. The student will gain an awareness of ethical practice in research and will give consideration to how these principles apply to their dissertation research project.


  • To critically analyze and discuss key characteristics and emerging issues in their practice of ministry.
  • To define their field of research, delineate and delimit the field of study, and describe the rationale for their dissertation research project.
  • To differentiate between research methodologies and to discern a methodology that may be adapted to the student’s research.
  • To identify the principles that govern ethical research practice.
  • To reflect on and evaluate the student’s ministry practice and their contribution to the practice of ministry, making connections between academic knowledge and skills, and practical applications.


  • To reflect in personal terms on the roles of the researcher and scholar as an expression of Christian identity and the student’s relationship to specific academic and Christian communities.
  • To include the role and practice of researcher within the student’s identity as a Christian practitioner and scholar.


  • To design and execute practice-led research projects using accepted research methodologies.
  • To demonstrate ethical responsibility relating to the practice of research.
  • To present and explain the student’s research to others.