Self Care In Ministry*

MS 3XS3/6XS6

Fall 2017
Tues 8:30 - 10:20 AM

Whether in a counselling setting or in a church ministry, the challenges and obligations of the Christian helping professions are demanding and exacting. Ministering persons experience daunting challenges in the use of emotional resources, setting boundaries for ministry, and establishing livable routines that will sustain and nurture their lives while engaging in the tasks of Christian ministry. This course will explore strategies for self-care, resources to endure ministry for the long-haul, and a careful examination of threats to personal, professional, and ministry success. Participants will be exposed to literature that will aid them in the development of a personal plan that addresses areas of concern, depletion, and emotional fatigue. Furthermore, the course will explore a theology of self that enables a holistic concern for the well-being of those who invest in full-time counselling, pastoral care, and other pastoral activities that demand soulful engagement.



  • To explore a theological understanding of the human person and human capabilities/limitations.
  • To gain facility with current research and literature on self care in the helping professions.



  • To nurture spiritual self-care practices that will enable long-term engagement in helping ministries.
  • To develop spiritual habits that will support the on-going demands of Christian life and ministry.



  • To formulate a self-care plan for the next five years of one’s helping profession.
  • To cultivate practices for self-care and ministry.
  • To enact a ministry resource plan.