Spirituality and Christian Worldview


Fall 2018
Sat 9:00 AM -4:00 PM

With secularism, pluralism, and multiculturalism serving as cornerstones for Canadian social policy and the Internet providing access to information from across the globe, Christians daily encounter convictions radically different from their own. Navigating these differences requires that we understand the distinctive contours of
Christian identity and outlook, as well as the characteristics of other contemporary views (both secular and religious). This course will examine fourteen contemporary worldviews, acknowledging the integrity of each while evaluating their implications for Christian spirituality and practice.


  • To identify the distinctive characteristics of a Christian worldview, together with its implications for spiritual identity and practice.
  • To understand and evaluate a range of other contemporary worldviews, both secular and religious, in relation to Christian self-understanding.


  • For course participants to recognize and appreciate the distinctive characteristics of their Christian identity and self-understanding.
  • To be formed, collectively, as a Christian community of learning.


  • To formulate and assess spiritual practices that reflect a distinctly Christian worldview.
  • To identify the practical implications of various non-Christian worldviews for spiritual practice, particularly in relation to leadership strategies and the formation of Christian community.