The Book of Romans


The New Testament Book of Romans has had a major impact on Christian theology and Church History; it is arguably among the most influential books in the Bible. It is effective for spiritual formation and at the same time challenging and doctrinal. The English exegesis course for Romans focuses on the content, interpretation, message, and application of the Epistle to the Romans.


  • Grasp the message and structure of Romans as a whole and in terms of its component parts
  • Understand Romans in its social, historical, literary and religious Jewish Hellenistic context
  • Become familiar with critical views concerning introductory and exegetical questions and identify the features in the text that illuminate the views
  • Understand Roman’s contribution to Pauline, Biblical and Systematic Theology


  • Highlight the message and themes, exegete significant passages, and understand the major issues in the text and its interpretive problems
  • Apply the text to discipleship, community and/or ministry formation and consider strategies for its re-presentation in contemporary contexts
  • Through theological reflection, apply the content of Romans to one’s own deliberative theology


  • Appreciate Paul’s distinctive theology and occasional goal(s)
  • Allow the text to motivate, form and transform faith, love, hope, righteousness, and worship
  • Become a resource to the church community in biblical understanding