Mark J. Boda

Professor of Old Testament

Mark joined the College in 2003 after teaching for nine years at what is now Ambrose University / Seminary in Calgary (formerly Canadian Bible College/Canadian Theological Seminary). A graduate of Cambridge University (Ph.D.), he has authored 12 books, edited 19 volumes of collected essays, and written over 100 articles on various topics related to the Old Testament and Christian Theology. He serves on the Committee on Bible Translation, responsible for the New International Version and is a past president of the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies and program secretary of the Institute for Biblical Research. Key areas of interest include Old Testament Theology, prayer and penitence in Old Testament and Christian Theology, Babylonian and Persian Period Hebrew Books and History (Jeremiah, Lamentations, Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi), the Book of the Twelve (Minor Prophets), Isaiah, Judges, and Psalms. Mark enjoys mentoring students and teaches with enthusiasm about the Old Testament and its continued relevance to the Christian life today.

Practical Ministry Experience:

As an ordained minister, Mark enjoys preaching throughout Canada and the USA. He has extensive ministry experience as can be seen below.

Pastoral ministry:
Youth Pastor, Rexdale Alliance Church, Toronto, ON
Pastor, Flourtown Alliance Church, Philadelphia, PA

Shorter term ministry experience:
Overseas Missions Service, C&MA, Philippines
Church Growth Consultation, C&MA, Canada
Truro Alliance Church, Truro, NS
Drama ministry, Portrait Players, Western Canada

Research Interests:
  • History and Literature of the Persian Period (esp. Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi)
  • Prophetic Literature (esp. Isaiah, Book of the Twelve Minor Prophets)
  • Penitential Prayer and Theology
  • Old Testament Theology and Ethics
  • Former Prophets: Judges
  • Psalms and Septuagint
Current Projects:


  • Committee on Bible Translation (NIV)
  • Zondervan Story of God Commentary Series (Associate Editor)
  • Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Prophets (Co-editor)


  • LXX Psalms (LXXC, Brill)
  • Psalms (ICC, T. & T. Clark)
  • Isaiah (Story of God, Zondervan)
Lectures and Conference Papers:
  • “Knowledge from Above: Revelatory Hermeneutics within Wisdom Literature,” Paper: Canadian Society of Biblical Studies (University of Regina, Regina, SK, May 2018).
  • “Joyously Drawing from the Springs of Salvation: Praise as Structure and Goal of the Book of Isaiah.” Research Group:  Old Testament Theology of Prayer Research Group, Institute of Biblical Research (Boston, MA, November 2017).
  • “The Land is Unable to Endure All His Words: Perspectives on Land in the Book(s) of the Twelve,” Paper: Canadian Society of Biblical Studies (Toronto, ON; Ryerson University, May 2017).
  • with Phil Zylla, “A Catalytic Study of the Range of Emotion in Biblical Lament,” Paper: Society of Biblical Literature, Bible and Practical Theology (San Antonio, TX, November 2016).
  • “Towards a Hebrew Bible Theology: Taking the Bible’s Pulse,” Paper: Canadian Society of Biblical Studies (Calgary, AB;  University of Calgary, June 2016).
  • “The Book of Haggai and the Twelve,” Paper: Society of Biblical Literature, Book of the Twelve Prophets (Atlanta, GA, November 2015).
  • “Digging Below the Surface of the Nocturnal Visions of Zechariah,” Paper: Canadian Society of Biblical Studies (Ottawa, ON; University of Ottawa, June 2015).
  • “Echoes of Salvation: Zechariah 8:1-13 as Capstone of the Haggai/Zechariah 1-8 Corpus,” Paper: Society of Biblical Literature New England Regional (Andover Newton Theological School; Boston, MA, April 2015).
  • “Jerusalem and Zion in Exile: Dual Identity in Diasporic Perspective,” Paper: Society of Biblical Literature, Exile (Forced Migrations) in Biblical Literature Section (San Diego, CA, November 2014).
  • “Romans in Biblical Theological Perspective,” Paper: Bingham Colloquium–Romans, McMaster Divinity College (Hamilton, Ontario, June 2014)
  • “A Deafening Call to Silence: The Rhetorical Role of Human Address to the Deity in the Book of the Twelve,” Presidential Address, Canadian Society of Biblical Studies (Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, May 2014)
  • “Poethics? The Use of Biblical Hebrew Poetry in Ethical Reflection on the Hebrew Bible,” Paper: Society of Biblical Literature, Joint Session: Biblical Hebrew Poetry and Ethics and Biblical Interpretation (Baltimore, MD, November 2013).
  • “The Heart of the Old Testament,” Hayward Lectureship, Acadia Divinity College (Wolfville, NS, October 2013). Watch online here.
  • “Voicing in Isaiah 40 and the Unity of Isaiah,” Wheaton College Colloquium: The Genesis of the Book of Isaiah (Wheaton, IL, Sept 26-28, 2013)
  •  “In Order to Fulfil the Word of the Lord: The Impact of Haggai and Zechariah on Post-Exilic Historiography,” Society of Biblical Literature International Meeting (St. Andrews, Scotland, July 2013).
  •  “Identity in Diaspora: Reading Daniel, Ezra-Nehemiah, Esther as Diasporic Narratives,” Paper: Bingham Colloquium–Rejected, McMaster Divinity College (Hamilton, ON, June 2013).
  • “Historiographical Reflections and the Relationship between History and Text,” and “Fusion through Flashback: Historiographic Techniques in Ezra-Nehemiah,” Papers delivered at the International Seminar and the Ezra-Nehemiah Seminar, Tel Aviv University (Tel Aviv, Israel, May 2013)
  •  “The Use of Genesis Sibling Rivalry Traditions in Zechariah 9-14,” Paper: Convergence and Divergence in Pentateuchal Theory Conference: Bridging the Academic Cultures of Israel, North America and Europe, Israel Institute for Advanced Studies, The Hebrew University (Jerusalem, Israel, May 2013)
  •  “When God’s Voice Breaks Through: Shifts in Revelatory Rhetoric in Zechariah,” Paper: Bar Ilan University Conference (Tel Aviv, Israel, May 2013)
  • “Word and Spirit, Prophets and Scribes: Discerning God’s Voice in a Sacred Text,” and “Reason and Revelation, Sages in Debate: Discerning God’s Ways in a Sacred World,” Murray W. Downey Memorial Lectureship, Ambrose University (Calgary, AB, February 12-13, 2013)


Edited Books


Ambrose University (Canadian Bible College)
Calgary, AB
Westminster Theological Seminary
Philadelphia, PA
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, UK

Current Course List

Course Title Instructors Term Year/Month Days
Old Testament Wisdom Mark J. Boda Spring 2024
Textual Traditions of the Old Testament Mark J. Boda Fall 2024 Tues
Old Testament Theology Mark J. Boda Fall 2024 Thur
Exile/Restoration Mark J. Boda Winter 2025 Tues
Biblical Theology Mark J. Boda Winter 2025 Wed

Recent Publications

Title Professor Name Year
Crossing Borders Between the Domestic and the Wild Mark J. Boda, Dalit Rom-Shiloni 2024
Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament: A Discourse Analysis of the Hebrew Bible Mark J. Boda, Mary L. Conway 2022
the heartbeat of old testament theology book cover The Heartbeat Of Old Testament Theology: Three Creedal Expressions Mark J. Boda 2017
exploring zechariah volume 1 book cover Exploring Zechariah, Volume 1: The Development Of Zechariah And Its Role Within The Twelve (Ancient Near East Monographs) Mark J. Boda 2017
exploring zechariah volume 2 book cover Exploring Zechariah, Volume 2: The Development And Role Of Biblical Traditions In Zechariah (Ancient Near East Monographs) Mark J. Boda 2017
the book of zechariah book cover The Book Of Zechariah Mark J. Boda 2016
the book of the twelve and the new form criticism book cover The Book Of The Twelve & The New Form Criticism Mark J. Boda, Michael H. Floyd , Colin M. Toffelmire 2015
return to me, book cover Return To Me: A Biblical Theology Of Repentance Mark J. Boda, D.A. Carson 2015
why? how long? studies on voices of lamentation rooted in biblical hebrew poetry book cover Why? How Long? Studies On Voice(S) Of Lamentation Rooted In Biblical Hebrew Poetry Mark J. Boda, Leann Snow Flesher, Carol J. Dempsey 2014
prophets, prophecy and ancient israelite historiography book cover Prophets, Prophecy, And Ancient Israelite Historiography Mark J. Boda, Lissa M. Wray Beal 2013
the words of the wise are like goads book cover The Words Of The Wise Are Like Goads: Engaging Qoheleth In The 21st Century Mark J. Boda, Tremper Longman III, Cristian Rata 2013
book cover Daughter Zion: Her Portrait, Her Response Mark J. Boda, Carol Dempsey, Leann Snow 2012
dictionary old testament prophets book cover Dictionary Of The Old Testament: Prophets (IVP Bible Dictionary) Mark J. Boda 2012
let us go up to Zion book cover Let Us Go Up To Zion Mark J. Boda 2012
book cover 1 And 2 Chronicles (Cornerstone Biblical Commentary) Mark J. Boda 2010
book cover From The Foundations To The Crenellations: Temple Rebuilding Texts In The Ancient Near East And Hebrew Bible Mark J. Boda 2010
a severe mercy book cover A Severe Mercy Mark J. Boda 2009
translating the new testament book cover Translating The New Testament: Text, Translation, Theology Mark J. Boda, Stanley E. Porter 2009
book cover Seeking The Favor Of God: Volume 3-The Impact Of Penitential Prayer Beyond Second Temple Judaism Mark J. Boda 2009
tradition in transition book cover Tradition In Transition: Haggai And Zechariah 1-8 In The Trajectory Of Hebrew Theology Mark J. Boda 2008
unity and disunity in Ezra-Nehemiah book cover Unity And Disunity In Ezra-Nehemiah: Redaction, Rhetoric, And Reader Mark J. Boda 2008
book cover Seeking The Favor Of God: Volume 2-The Development Of Penitential Prayer In Second Temple Judaism Mark J. Boda 2007
after god's own hear book cover After God's Own Heart: The Gospel According To David Mark J. Boda 2007
mark favor book cover Seeking The Favor Of God: Volume I-The Origins Of Penitential Prayer In Second Temple Judaism Mark J. Boda 2006
Repentance In Christian Theology, book cover Repentance In Christian Theology Mark J. Boda 2006
book cover written by Mark J Boda Haggai, Zechariah (NIV Application Commentary) Mark J. Boda 2004
bringing out the treasure book cover Bringing Out The Treasure: Inner Biblical Allusion In Zechariah 9-14 Mark J. Boda 2003
haggai & zechariah research book cover written by Mark J Boda Haggai & Zechariah Research : A Bibliographic Survey Mark J. Boda 2003
book cover Praying The Tradition: The Origin And Use Of Tradition In Nehemiah 9 Mark J. Boda 1999