Porters portrait

Stanley E. Porter

President and Dean, Professor of New Testament, Roy A. Hope Chair in Christian Worldview

Stan has taught for nearly thirty years in post-secondary institutions in Canada, the USA, and the UK. He came to McMaster Divinity College in 2001 as the President and Professor of New Testament, and is now in his sixteenth year at MDC. His publications include 28 authored books and over 300 authored journal articles and chapters, along with over a hundred other shorter pieces; he has also edited over 90 volumes. Stan has a wide range of academic specialties. These include Greek language and linguistics, hermeneutics and various methods of interpretation, and the range of New Testament studies from the Gospels to John to Acts to Paul. He is also a specialist in papyrological and text-oriented research, and is very interested in the wider Greco-Roman world. Stan has a vision for McMaster Divinity College to continue to serve as a first choice seminary of academic excellence and exemplary leadership training.

Practical Ministry Experience:

Stan has served in various ministry capacities, including young adult ministry and developing a lay training institute for the local church. He preaches and speaks widely representing McMaster Divinity College, but is also active in his local church, where he often teaches young adults and preaches. Stan hosts and regularly preaches in the McMaster Divinity College chapel services, as well as speaking at various denominational events.


University of Sheffield
Sheffield, UK
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Deerfield, Illinois

Current Course List

Course Title Instructors Term Year/Month Days
Linguistic Stylistics Stanley E. Porter Fall 2018 Tues
Papyrology And Textual Criticism Stanley E. Porter Winter 2019 Tues

Recent Publications

Title Professor Name Year
biblical hermeneutics book cover Biblical Hermeneutics: Five Views (Reprint) Stanley E. Porter, Beth M. Stovell 2017
inaugurations book cover Inaugurations: Inaugural Lectures Delivered at McMaster Divinity College Stanley E. Porter 2017
BAGL biblical and ancient greek linguistics book cover Biblical And Ancient Greek Linguistics, Volume 5 Stanley E. Porter, Matthew Brook O'Donnell 2016
the apostle paul his life, thought and letters book cover The Apostle Paul: His Life, Thought, And Letters Stanley E. Porter 2016
pillars in the history of biblical interpretation book cover Pillars In The History Of Biblical Interpretation, Volume I: Prevailing Methods Before 1980 Stanley E. Porter, Sean A. Adams 2016
the synoptic problem book cover The Synoptic Problem: Four Views Stanley E. Porter, Bryan R. Dyer 2016
fundamentals of new testament textual criticism book cover Fundamentals Of New Testament Textual Criticism Stanley E. Porter, Andrew W. Pitts 2015
Paul and pseudepigraphy book cover Paul And Pseudepigraphy Stanley E. Porter, Gregory P. Fewster 2013