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Benediction Community Church (BCC) seeks a Director of Kids’ Integration and Discipleship (KIDD) for an immediate, part-time contract position requiring up to 10 hours per week, with an annual salary of $8,600 – $14,300 (actual rate to be negotiated based on experience, qualification, starting date, etc.)


We’re a new, growing church in downtown Hamilton, and we’re learning to practice the way of Jesus together until it is in Hamilton as it is in heaven. Belonging in BCC is expressed in two main rhythms: We scatter as Faith Families for community, discipleship, and mission. On Sundays we gather for worship, teaching, and communion in our Word + Table environment. BCC includes millennials (the majority), with a few from Gen X (e.g., our pastor), Gen Z, and the odd Boomer.

We’ve been fruitful and multiplied! We have several children in the nursery / preschool age group (with more on the way!) who are served in our KidSpace environment on Sundays. There’s also a growing need to disciple our kids of other ages and stages, such as the primary, junior high, and senior high age groups. Our wish is to better disciple and integrate them, and to continue the great work already happening in KidSpace.


Our ideal KIDD is a self-motivated, Jesus-centered, collaborative, inclusive, missional, organized, fun, reliable, and flexible individual. He or she genuinely loves young people, and considers it part of his/her vocation to help youth see that Jesus is better than anything else the world has to offer. S/he reports to our lead pastor and will help us to better integrate kids into the life of the church, and support our kids in their journey to love Jesus personally, fully, and missionally.

The KIDD’s objectives fall under these headings: (a) Knowing in relationship; (b) Faith formation; (c) Mission, and (d) Serving the church community. Depending on the candidate, these may include:

  • Knowing: The KIDD will plan regular and spontaneous initiatives to spend time and have fun with our young people. (E.g., Starbucks chats, thrifting trips, retreats, camps, parties, nature walks).
  • Formation: The KIDD will support our kids’ growth in one-on-one and group discipleship settings, will help surface and respond to questions / doubts in reliance on the Holy Spirit and Scripture, and will identify and help develop the kids’ spiritual gifts.
  • Mission: The KIDD wishes to serve youth who aren’t currently part of this church, or the Church. He or she will create safe, fun environments where interested young people may learn to practice the way of Jesus.
    Serving: The KIDD will serve on Sundays and elsewhere as needed as a member of BCC. S/he will communicate effectively; will train youth to serve, and, will serve parents in fulfilling their responsibilities as their children’s true youth pastor.


  • Character: This individual is above reproach in his/her relationships with peers, parents, and young people. Character is essential as the KIDD will be a role model for, and trusted with, our kids; therefore, the KIDD will have passed a criminal background check. The KIDD is also super fun and engaging; others enjoy being around her/him, and vice-versa.
  • Competencies: The KIDD is organized and strategic, using time and resources effectively to meet his/her goals. S/he is relationally fearless, meaning he/she engages naturally with people of diverse backgrounds, whether churched or unchurched, de-churched, atheists, birders, home-schooled, public-schooled, etc.
  • Chemistry: The KIDD collaborates with others as part of a staff, team. S/he communicates clearly and effectively with our parents who will be the KIDD’s cheerleaders. The KIDD is a ‘fit’ at Benediction not only in terms of his/her theology and high view of Scripture, but also in terms of his/her creativity, wit, energy, leadership, stamina, and of course, sense of humour.
  • Experience / Education: Professional youth ministry experience and formal theological education are assets, but are not required for this role. Required training / education will be provided by the lead pastor.


Please email a cover letter and resume (in PDF format) to before March 8th 2024. Include at least two references who can describe observed, relevant ministry experience, competence, and character. We thank you for your interest; only those applicants we wish to consider will be contacted for an interview. For more info about BCC, please visit

To apply for this job email your details to