Psychology and Ministry

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Psychology is a broad discipline that focuses on how people think, feel, and behave across cultural and situational contexts.  The primary aims of this course will be to better understand psychological issues and processes encountered in the experience of ministry.  Example topics include lifespan human development, motivation/emotion, personality, psychological disorders and treatment, the social psychology of prejudice, helping, and violence/aggression. 


  • To learn about psychological concepts and processes.
  • To know the major theories of social, personality, therapy, and psychological development.
  • To develop an understanding of psychology in the context of ministering.
  • To increase awareness of psychological and theological perspectives about how and why some individuals and groups thrive and flourish while others remain somewhat stagnant.


  • To gain self-awareness as a ministering person through self-reflection on and self-evaluation of one’s own psychological qualities.


  • To read and discuss articles and chapters about psychology and ministry.
  • To communicate clearly, concisely, and accurately when speaking and writing about basic and applied topics.
  • To practice and apply new psychological concepts in ministry experiences with diverse individuals across the lifespan.