Research Fellowships are offered by McMaster Divinity College for scholars at any stage in their careers who can benefit from the environment, resources, and support of a major research seminary and graduate school. The program is ideal for scholars who have recently graduated from a PhD program in a relevant field, with or without teaching experience, and who come to MDC to continue post-doctoral research in an area of interest and importance that can be supported by MDC. The program may also appeal to scholars who have been granted research leave or sabbatical and wish to spend it at MDC to benefit from our academic environment. Research Fellowships are also available to senior scholars who might benefit from the context of a Christian seminary and graduate school. The successful candidate should demonstrate a strong interest in advancing knowledge in a field of Christian theology broadly defined (see below). Fellowships may be granted for other purposes, so long as there is a case made for the legitimacy of the project or purpose of the application.

Each applicant should seek a suitable faculty sponsor from MDC who will serve as academic host for the visiting scholar during his/her time at MDC, and who will provide support and encouragement during the tenure of the fellowship.

For more information on the program please contact the Vice President Academic.


The applicant typically will have completed a PhD in a relevant field of Christian theology and be committed to ongoing research in that field.

The applicant is expected to be firmly committed to the Christian faith, must agree with MDC’s statement of faith, and must conform to the academic policies of MDC.

The applicant must have sought out and established a faculty sponsor from MDC.


The Research Fellowship at MDC is normally for one academic year (September–August). In special circumstances, Research Fellowships may begin in January at the discretion of the VP Academic. Additionally, Research Fellowships may be granted for more limited periods of time under special circumstances, also at the discretion of the VP Academic.

Research fellowships are normally offered in one-year increments. Following the first year, junior scholars may apply for an additional two years of fellowship, and senior scholars may apply for an additional four years of fellowship. Renewals are not automatic.

Fellowships may be terminated by either party should circumstances arise that necessitate such an action.

Provisions and Benefits

Each Research Fellow will be provided access to the full range of MDC’s library resources, including the Digital Theological Library (DTL).

The Research Fellow will have access to a dedicated study area (subject to COVID-19 protocols and space limitations).

The Research Fellow will be given an MDC email account and is encouraged to cite their affiliation with MDC for academic purposes. Research Fellows will be listed upon the MDC website in their capacity as Fellows.

The Research Fellow is invited to all appropriate co-curricular activities of MDC. These include such events as various Guilds, events sponsored by MDC’s various Centres, the MDC Linguistic Circle, as well as MDC’s institutional wide social events. Research Fellows may audit up to one course per term at no cost, except for limited enrolment courses.

The Research Fellow may have opportunity to contribute to the educational mission of MDC through active participation in courses, guest lectures, public lectures, conferences, co-curricular presentations, and other appropriate events; however, such opportunities may be limited and may not be available in a given year.

Note: MDC provides no remuneration, housing, or travel expenses for Research Fellows. Applicants must find their own accommodations and be able to cover all of their expenses during their time at MDC. If there are Canadian visa requirements, the Research Fellow is responsible for making appropriate arrangements prior to arriving in Canada.

Expectations of Research Fellows

Research Fellows are encouraged to be active participants in the life of MDC and in activities related to their field of research.

It is expected that research accomplished during the time spent at MDC and destined for publication will include an acknowledgment of the contribution made to the research by the Research Fellowship program and the facilities provided by MDC.

Research Fellows are also required to provide a brief written assessment of their time (one to two pages) at MDC to the VP Academic at the end of each approved year.


Applications for a Research Fellowship may be submitted at any time but should allow for suitable time for the application to be processed. We strongly recommend that applications for September be submitted by March 1 of the year prior to the desired start date. Other requirements are specified on the application form.

Applicants will be notified in writing if they have been appointed. Research Fellowships are limited, and an applicant may be put on a waiting list for another academic year.

To apply, fill out the form below.