Christina M. Gschwandtner

Christina M. Gschwandtner teaches Continental Philosophy of Religion at Fordham University. She has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from DePaul University and a Ph.D. in Theology from the University of Durham, U.K. She is author of Reading Jean-Luc Marion: Exceeding Metaphysics (Indiana, 2007), Postmodern Apologetics? Arguments about God in Contemporary Philosophy (Fordham, 2012), Degrees of Givenness: On Saturation in Jean-Luc Marion (Indiana, 2014), Marion and Theology (T&T Clark, 2016), Welcoming Finitude: Toward a Phenomenology of Orthodox Liturgy (Fordham, 2019), and Reading Religious Ritual with Ricœur: Between Fragility and Hope (Lexington Press, 2021), besides many articles and translations at the intersection of phenomenology and religion.

Stanley E. Porter

Stan has taught for over thirty years in universities and seminaries in Canada, the USA, and the UK. He came to McMaster Divinity College in 2001, where he currently serves as the President and Professor of New Testament. His publications include 30 authored books and over 400 authored journal articles and chapters along with over 100 other shorter pieces; he has also edited over 95 volumes. He has taught at Biola University, Trinity Western University, and the University of Surrey Roehampton. Stan has a wide range of academic specialties, including Greek Language and Linguistics, Hermeneutics and various methods of interpretation, and the range of New Testament studies from the Gospels to John to Acts to Paul. He is also a specialist in Papyrological and Text-Oriented Research, and is very interested in the wider Greco-Roman world.

Charles Taylor

Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor is professor emeritus at McGill University. He is author of Sources of the Self: The Making of the Modern Identity (1989), The Malaise of Modernity (1991), and A Secular Age (2007). In addition to his many books and articles, Taylor has participated in politics by running a number of times as a candidate for federal Parliament. From 2007-08 Taylor served on the Quebec government’s French Language Council. Professor Taylor has been awarded the Kyoto Prize (2008), the Templeton Prize (2007), the John W. Kluge Prize (2015) and the Berggruen Prize for Philosophy (2016). He is also a member of the Order of Canada. At 94, Taylor continues to write and lecture extensively.

Merold Westphal

Merold Westphal is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Fordham University He has served as president of the Hegel Society of America and the Soren Kierkegaard Society and as Executive Co-director of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy. He has co-authored and authored many books and articles. Among his books are Transcendence and Self-Transcendence (2004), Kierkegaard’s Concept of Faith (2014), Suspicion and Faith: The Religious Uses of Modern Atheism (1993).

Robert Wuthnow

Robert Wuthnow is the Andlinger Professor of Sociology Emeritus at Princeton University, a Fellow of the American Academy of ARts and Sciences, and a founding Director of the Princeton University Center for the Study of Religion. He is the author of numerous books and articles about religion, culture, and politics, including most recently Why Religion is Good for American Democracy (2021) and What Happens When We Practice Religion? Textures of Devotion in Everyday Life (2020).