Joshua (DPT)


Winter 2023
Mon 4:00 - 5:50pm

The book of Joshua is challenging in various ways. It is difficult to bring coherence to apparently contradictory assertions: all the land was conquered yet much land remains to be taken; all the Canaanites are to be destroyed yet Israel lives amongst the Canaanites. Joshua is a challenging book ethically, as the promise of redemption comes about through war and conflict. The goal of this course is to provide a guide in understanding the book of Joshua in its literary form and its theological message in dealing with the concepts of judgment and redemption.

The course is to provide guidance to the Christian living in a world that is continually afflicted with mortal conflict. When Jesus spoke of wars and rumours of wars, he expressly declared that this was a sign the end is not yet. War is part of our present age and always involves the participation of those serving the kingdom of God.


  • Textual versions of Joshua (Joshua is preserved in two different editions)
  • Relationship of Joshua to the Pentateuch and the Deuteronomistic History
  • Theological concepts of sovereignty, mercy, and judgment


  • Living with courage and conviction in a societies of conflict
  • Learning submission and faithfulness to God in times of conflict
  • Understanding the hope of divine promise in formidable circumstances


  • Engage in confronting violence with a theology of redemption
  • Address strife with an understanding of the human condition that perpetuates violence
  • Actively participate in church congregations by teaching and living a theologically sound anthropology