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Discourse Analysis And Other Topics In Biblical Greek

Sheffield Academic

The first six papers in this volume are by Porter on discourse analysis and NT studies (an introductory survey), G. H. Guthrie on cohesion shifts and stitches in Philippians, S. H. Levinsohn on a discourse study of constituent order and the article in Philippians, J. T. Reed on identifying theme in the NT (insights from discourse analysis), M. Silva on discourse analysis and Philippians, and Porter on how biblical discourse can be analyzed. The remaining six papers are by Carson on ‘the other topics,’ D. L. Stamps on interpreting Paul’s language (grammar, modern linguistics, and translation theory), E. N. Lane on the use of the word pastos in patristic Greek, A. J. Kostenberger on syntactical background studies to 1Tim 2:12 in the NT and extrabiblical Greek literature, H. A. Brehm on the meaning of Ellhnisthv’ in Acts in light of a diachronic analysis of ellenizein, and M.Palmer on ti oun–the inferential question in Romans (with a proposed reading of Rom 4:1). The papers were prepared for the 1992 and 1993 sessions of the Society of Biblical Literature.

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