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Exploring Zechariah, Volume 2: The Development And Role Of Biblical Traditions In Zechariah (Ancient Near East Monographs)

SBL Press

A decade of research on Zechariah

This second volume of Mark J. Boda’s two-volume set on Zechariah showcases a series of studies tracing the impact of earlier Hebrew Bible traditions on various passages and sections of the book of Zechariah: 1:7-6:15; 1:1-6/7; 1-8:23; and chapters 9-14. These two volumes showcase a series of studies on Zechariah that Boda wrote over the past decade.


  • Examination of the role that the final section of the Book of the Twelve played in drawing the corpus together into its final form
  • Articles drawn from a variety of journals
  • Twelve essays that represent advances into Book of the Twelve research

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