Filologia Neotestamentaria: Facultad de Filosofia y Letras Universisad de Córdoba 56, Vol XXXVI

Herder Editorial

The international journal New Testament Philology originally responds to an initiative of the Chair of Greek Philology of the Department of Antiquity and Middle Ages Sciences of the University of Córdoba (Spain). It deals with the entire philological field of the language of the New Testament and its relationship with the Greek, classical or Hellenistic language, that is, Textual Criticism, Grammar, Semantics, Lexicography, Semantics and Semiotics, as well as other types of philological approach. to the Greek text of the New Testament. It appears once a year and its editorial board brings together prestigious New Testament philologists at a national and international level. The edition of this magazine arose because there was no international publication of these characteristics, with numerous magazines specialized in Theology or the Bible, but not in philology applied to the study of the New Testament. It was founded in 1988 by Juan Mateos, translator of the New Spanish Bible and Jesús Peláez, Professor of Greek Philology (Trilingual Biblical Philology) at the University of Córdoba. Edited by Ediciones El Almendro until 2016, its publication continues in Editorial Herder from this date.

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