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The Impact Of Unit Delimitation On Exegesis


This volume contains papers dealing with the impact of unit delimitation on exegesis. Paragraph markers play an important role in literature, this is illustrated by means of the examples of “Mark 12:13-27” and “Romans 1:21-25”. The setumah after “Isaiah 8:16” is significant for understanding the making of the Hebrew Bible. Furthermore, it is demonstrated that the text divisions in the “Book of Daniel” guide the reading of the text. The demarcation of hymns and prayers in the prophets is illustrated by the examples of “Hosea 6:1-3” and “Isaiah 42:10-12”. Unit delimitation is taken up for the theory of an acrostichon in “Nahum 1”. Also discussed is the delimitation of units in “Genesis”, “Isaiah 56:1-9”, and “Jeremiah and Habakkuk”.

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