the language of the new testament book cover

The Language Of The New Testament: Classic Essays

Sheffield Academic

This anthology brings together a number of classic essays regarding the Greek language of the NT; that is, what kind of Greek is it: Semitic, koine, transitionary, and so on? Many positions have been advocated, refuted, and debated. This gathering of spokesmen is designed to give some idea of the history and progress of this continuing discussion. This volume presents nine classic articles: A. Deissmann on Hellenistic Greek and the Greek Bible (1899); J. H. Moulton on NT Greek in the light of modern discovery (1909); C. C. Torrey on the Aramaic of the Gospels (1942); M. Black on Aramaic studies and the language of Jesus (1968); J. A. Fitzmyer on the languages of Palestine in the 1st century a.d. [section 15-687]; H. S. Gehman on the Hebraic character of Septuagint Greek (1951); N. Turner on the language of Jesus and his disciples (1965); L. Rydbeck on linguistic levels and the place of the NT in the contemporary language milieu (1967); and M. Silva on bilingualism and the character of Palestinian Greek.