In response to the report published by RZIM regarding the investigation of Ravi Zacharias, McMaster Divinity College, by the authority of its Senate and endorsed by its Board of Trustees, has rescinded the honorary degree granted to Ravi Zacharias.

Following the release of the RZIM findings, MDC launched a review process of our 2012 honorary doctorate recipient, Ravi Zacharias. This review presented significant evidence of a hidden, unethical lifestyle that directly violates the high standards of character and Christian service to which we hold our honorary doctorate recipients. With the approval of the MDC Senate on March 11, 2021, the Doctor of Divinity bestowed upon Ravi Zacharias in May 2012 is rescinded, effective immediately.

As an institution, we are deeply troubled by the findings and publicly denounce the actions of Ravi Zacharias. We extend our sincere prayers to the victims and those involved.

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