McMaster Divinity College is launching three new professional Master of Arts programs this fall. The move comes as a response to evolving trends in theological education, societal shifts, and the need to address the complexities of advanced theological study within a global environment.

These three new professional MA programs will be in the areas of Counselling and Spiritual Care, Global Christianity, and Theology and Ministry. They are designed to meet the diverse needs of students seeking to deepen their understanding of theology while engaging with the realities of today’s world. While each new program will incorporate some existing courses, students in these programs can also take advantage of new courses in psychotherapy and the addition of new international faculty.

MA in Counselling & Spiritual Care

Awareness and concern for mental health has been growing rapidly for at least the past decade, and the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have increased the demand for mental health professionals. McMaster Divinity College has, for many years, offered counselling and spiritual care as part of its professional degree offerings and experienced rapid growth in the popularity of these courses in the last few years.

In order to address these shifts, MDC has developed a professional master’s degree in counselling and spiritual care to help meet the current need not only for mental health professionals, but even more crucially, for mental health professionals with a Christian worldview. This new degree program will educate students to become specialists who can guide and counsel individuals and couples regarding their values, their spirituality, and their individual or couple dynamics. It will provide the educational preparation needed to pursue further certification.

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MA in Global Christianity

The Church has experienced substantial growth in certain parts of the world, particularly in the Global South. At McMaster Divinity College, the student body is diverse, with students from over 36 countries. In order to better engage with global diversity in the Christian faith, MDC is introducing the Master of Arts in Global Christianity. This professional degree will educate students in biblical, theological, and ministry studies, equipping them to navigate the challenges and opportunities of contemporary Christian ministry and scholarship in an interconnected world. The majority of courses required by this program will be taught by faculty who are currently serving in various geographical contexts around the globe, well attuned to the Christian landscape in which they teach.

This program will be taught fully remotely in order to accommodate its global context, allowing students from around the world to study together, regardless of geographic location. It exemplifies MDC’s mission of educating Christian leaders, especially those aspiring to work in academia, cross-cultural ministry, non-profit organizations, international development, or within the global Church setting.

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MA in Theology & Ministry

 Launching an MA in Theology and Ministry marks a strategic shift for McMaster Divinity College to align with the evolving needs of our students and shifting challenges of ministry. The Master of Arts is a desirable degree that allows students the flexibility to focus on their theological interests and ministry needs, whether serving the Church or another area. The strengths of the existing Master of Theological Studies program will be carried into the new MA in Theology and Ministry and will better differentiate this degree from our Master of Divinity degree that is designed with more traditional church ministry in mind.

Students in the MA in Theology and Ministry will benefit from a streamlined program structure, while still maintaining the ability to customize their degree to their personal and vocational goals. The program will have a major paper option, making it an appropriate degree to prepare students for doctoral studies, such as the Doctor of Practical Theology or Doctor of Philosophy.

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Dr. Jim Dvorak, Vice President Academic, expressed excitement about the launch of these new programs. “As a leading institution in theological education, McMaster Divinity College is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation,” he said. “These new professional MA programs reflect our dedication to equipping students to engage thoughtfully and effectively with the challenges and opportunities of our rapidly changing world.”

The introduction of these programs emphasizes McMaster Divinity College’s commitment to providing relevant and impactful theological education that addresses the needs of today’s society. With a focus on academic excellence, practical relevance, and global engagement, these programs are poised to make a significant contribution to the field of theological education within the broader community of the Church.

Prospective students interested in learning more about these new programs are encouraged to explore the program pages on the McMaster Divinity College website and register for an upcoming online information session. Inquiries about these new programs can be made by contacting our Admissions Team directly.

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