Dr. Stanley E. Porter, Principal and Dean of McMaster Divinity College, wrote the foreword to David Mainse’s book This Far by Faith: Stories and Life Lessons. In the work, Mainse shares experiences from his over fifty years of ministry where he shares the story of Jesus Christ. The unique feature of this work is that Mainse not only discusses the experiences of the past five decades, but also shares the lessons learned.Porter shares the following at the beginning of the work…I think we can all agree that David Mainse is a pioneer. He has used television and media technology to envision and bring to fruition a ministry to Canadians all over the country and to millions more around the globe. More than that, however, David Mainse is a storyteller. On several occasions, I have had the pleasure of hearing David tell stories about those he has met and encountered during his years of ministry. Most of all, David Mainse is a man of faith. I am pleased to be able to write this foreword to David’s book that combines all of these elements together—his visionary passion for frontline ministry, his deep faith, and his ability to tell a great story. David’s life itself is a story—a story of how God has used him in marvelous ways. He was born in Campbell’s Bay, Quebec, and reared in a rural area near Ottawa. Under the influence of parents who were missionaries and educators, he was inspired to proclaim the message of the love of Jesus Christ. He studied theology at Eastern Pentecostal Bible College in Peterborough and was subsequently ordained. He pastored several churches throughout Ontario before leaving church work in 1971 to build on the success of his television ministry. David’s constant companion and helper throughout much of his adult life has been his wife of over 50 years, Norma-Jean.After launching in 1962 a fifteen-minute television program broadcast following the late nightly news in Pembroke, Ontario, by 1977 David was producing daily telecasts at 100 Huntley Street (that really was the address) in downtown Toronto. Today, Crossroads Communications is an international ministry located in Burlington, Ontario, which in 1998 was granted a licence to operate a 24-hour a day over-the-air commercial television station. Along with his interview and talk show that has welcomed a wide variety of guests for almost 50 years, he also created faith-based shows for children and countries throughout the world. Convinced of the necessity of excellence in television broadcasting, David also initiated a School of Broadcasting and Communication, graduates from which now serve in numerous countries serving markets with billions of viewers. McMaster Divinity College was pleased to partner with David and his team for a number of years in this educational adventure.David did not, however, concentrate only on television. His leadership resulted in the creation of the Emergency Response and Development Fund (now called the Crossroads Missions) that, since 1982, has provided relief aid to more than 25 countries during times of natural disaster and war, as it focuses on humanitarian projects worldwide. Social care has been provided to millions of adult Canadians who have called the Crossroads Ministry through its prayer line equipped with a corps of trained volunteers and staff who receive calls around the clock. I could easily go on extolling the many projects that David has orchestrated and engineered in the course of his over 50 years of ministry, but I will let David tell you these stories.David continues to have a heart for Canada and the need for our nation to know the love and unity that is brought about through knowing Jesus Christ. During his Thank You Canada tour in 2011, David personally gathered information for McMaster Divinity College on key requirements pastors in Canada see as necessary to prepare the next generation of Christian leaders. We are currently evaluating the massive results of these surveys, and hope to publish them in a book that will greatly aid us in our mission of preparing men and women for leadership in the church, academy, and society, as well as aiding the larger Church in Canada. In the course of his travels, David has seemingly met more people than most of us get a chance to converse with in the course of our (by comparison) rather normal lives. David has met and spoken with high ranking political figures the world over, he has communed with church leaders sweeping the vast expanse of the Christian horizon, and he has engaged with scholars and other educators who are no doubt impressed by David’s extensive knowledge. Each one has a story to tell that David is interested to hear—not passively but actively as an engaging and active conversational partner. David remembers these conversations and is delighted to reminisce about them later. David’s storytelling has often allowed others of us to overhear and even become part of David’s endless conversation with the world around him. I am delighted that in this book he is welcoming an even wider readership to enter the conversation as well.Throughout his life, David has made it clear that, whether it is through tales told, broadcasts given, or aid given, his primary purpose is his Christian witness and mission throughout Canada and the world. As a result, it was a pleasure for McMaster Divinity College to be able to grant David the degree, Doctor of Divinity (honoris causa), in 2011, in recognition of his service to the worldwide church. David’s dedication and commitment to the work of the church, his contribution to society, and his effective communication of the Gospel are the hallmarks and legacy of his ministry and work—along with his ability to tell a good story.———Copies of This Far by Faith may be obtained by contacting Crossroads.


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