According to statistics presented by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS), the accrediting agency for McMaster Divinity College, trends have demonstrated that numbers at ATS schools have been on the decline for the past number of years. This year, MDC has reversed this trend in its enrolment statistics. Not only was the trend reversed, but it led to the school experiencing a record high in both headcount AND full-time equivalency.
When attempting to assess what may have caused this shift, it would seem that a rebranding process, a shift in advertising practices, and a new admissions strategy led by Nina Thomas, Director of Admissions and Marketing, has prompted this increase in numbers. This new presentation of MDC has appealed to a younger demographic, signified by a decreased median and average age of our students. Though we are expecting a high number of graduates, we are hopeful that this year will inaugurate a new trend in MDC’s enrolment.


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