The COVID-19 crisis has affected, and continues to affect, the members of the MDC community in many different ways.

In an effort to reduce the financial hardship this crisis has caused to our students, MDC is launching the COVID-19 Tuition Relief Fund. This fund will provide additional financial aid to those students who have demonstrated need as it relates to the COVID-19 crisis.

“COVID-19 has created significant challenges for our community of learners here at MDC. Several of our students have lost jobs, others have had to reduce their work hours so they can educate their children at home while schools are closed. It’s a stressful time for everyone.  This fund was designed to help alleviate some of that financial pressure for our students and their families.”
–   Phil Strickland, Registrar

As an institution, MDC has set aside funds to support this program and is seeking additional funding from our supporters to ensure all students requiring additional financial help can continue their studies, unaffected by COVID-19.

To donate to the COVID-19 Tuition Relief Fund now, click here.

Students who have been affected financially by COVID-19 and would like to be considered to receive additional funding toward their 2020-2021 tuition costs should submit an email to Sara Fusilier at, outlining your current circumstances in as much detail as you can. We cannot guarantee additional funding to everyone who asks, though we will consider all requests.


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