MDC is pleased to announce the launch of the new Research Fellowship program, offering scholars a unique chance to delve deeper into areas of Christian theology as part of an academic community. This program invites fellows to actively engage with MDC’s educational mission by participating in courses, guest lectures, public lectures, conferences, co-curricular presentations, and other appropriate events. Through their research endeavours, fellows will contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of Christian theology.

MDC is delighted to announce Dr. Emad Botros, Dr. Cynthia Tam, Dr. Ambrose Thomson, and Dr. David Yoon as the 2023-2024 Research Fellows. These fellows joined MDC in September 2023 and will spend the academic year researching their respective areas.

Dr. Emad Botros graduated with a Bachelor of Theology (2003) from Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Lebanon and then went on to pursue an MA (2013) and PhD (2021) at McMaster Divinity College. His research is focused on exploring the intertextuality between the Bible and the Qur’an, specifically delving into prophetic narratives within both texts and developing a comprehensive biblical theology within the framework of Middle Eastern and Islamic culture. As a research fellow, he is continuing his research for two significant writing projects. The first entails crafting a commentary on Jonah as part of the series titled, “Windows on the Text: Bible Commentaries from Muslim Context.” Simultaneously, he is producing a monograph that focuses on developing Old Testament theology within the context of Islam.

Dr. Cynthia Tam earned her PhD in Practical Theology from the University of Aberdeen in 2019. Her thesis, adapted into the book, Kinship in the Household of God, focused on practical theology and spiritual care for people with profound autism. Interested in the concept of belonging at the church as explored through the experience of those marginalized by the church, her research has expanded in her role as a pastor with national responsibilities in the Alliance Canada. Now, her research encompasses the intersection of anthropology and ecclesiology, exploring how the church–as the Body of Christ–should live out the oneness in Christ with diverse people. She is a member of The Alliance’s Theology Commission, where she delves into issues related to sexuality, a topic she will further explore during her research fellowship at MDC.

Dr. Ambrose Thomson is a recent PhD graduate of McMaster Divinity College (2023) and also works as Advanced Degree Recruiter for MDC’s Recruitment department. In his role as a research fellow, he is embarking on a project to promote and publicize important academic contributions of scholars to an audience beyond specialized academic discussion. In order to do this, he will use digital technology to promote and publicize scholarly work so it is more accessible to a wider audience benefitting the public, the academy, and the scholars themselves. He aims to better inform the public on various topics and engage a more diverse range of thinkers at various levels. 

Dr. David Yoon graduated from MDC with a PhD degree in New Testament (2019) and now teaches at Emmanuel Bible College (Kitchener, ON) and serves as lead pastor at Good News Church in Cambridge, Ontario. During his research fellowship, David will be working on a number of publications, including  co-editing, The Pauline Mind (co-editor with Stanley E. Porter; Routledge Religious Minds; New York: Routledge), Pauline Ethics (co-editor with Stanley E. Porter; Pauline Studies 11; Leiden: Brill), The Johannine Prologue and Its Resonances (co-editor with Stanley E. Porter; Johannine Studies 4; Leiden: Brill), and Christian Origins and the Formation of the Early Church (co-editor with Stanley E. Porter; Early Christianity in its Hellenistic Context 5; Texts and Editions; Leiden: Brill). Through his research fellowship, David will work closely with scholars at MDC and will have the resources necessary to complete these projects in 2023-24. 

MDC is privileged to welcome fellows whose research interests will positively impact the broader Christian community. For more information and to apply for a Research Fellowship, visit the link below.

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