MDC was saddened to hear of the passing of Rev. Dr. Thomas Dow on December 8, 2021.

Tom spent his life humbly serving in many forms of ministry. He served in pastoral positions, chaplaincy, missions, teaching assignments, including at McMaster Divinity College, and for a great length of time, at Emmanuel Bible College.

The husband of Dr. Lois Dow, PhD graduate and Professor Emeritus, Tom became a dear friend of the College, and in 2017, was awarded the Doctor of Divinity for his unwavering commitment to Christian higher education, outstanding example of servant leadership, and dedication to the development of the Church both at home and abroad. MDC, along with Tom’s family and friends, celebrated this worthy accomplishment at our Convocation Ceremony on May 23, 2017.

Tom is well-remembered by the staff and faculty at McMaster Divinity College for his affable spirit and his firm dedication to his faith, displayed through his preaching and teaching.

“There’s no running away. We mustn’t run away. Too many of God’s children run away. We must be willing and teachable as the simplest disciple, looking, even through our desperation, for the rays of sunlight offered by the Sun. And when we’re not in the storm, what a thrill it is to be available as one of the Sun’s rays.”

Excerpt from When Storms Come: A Christian Look at Job by Thomas Edward Dow




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