Our students’ stories are truly a testament to God’s faithfulness and an example of the many ways he is calling each of us to do His work. We have been blessed by Renan’s testimony and wanted to share it with you. Please read Renan’s story below and remember to be praying for our students and MDC as a whole. 

Renan’s Story

Renan Anjos, MDiv Student

I still remember praying alone in my office at the Cardiology Emergency Room on the morning of Easter Sunday in 2021. No patients in the waiting room, which is rare in Brazil. Just me, the Lord, and a feeling that I was not supposed to be working as the cardiologist in charge, but I was supposed to be helping people heal their souls. So, at the Lord’s prompting, I did a search in Google: Master + theology + Canada. Three words caught my attention: Knowing, Being,  Doing. “There it is!” I thought. I have always considered the way to God as knowing Jesus, being transformed by Him, and doing His work until He returns, and here it was, laid out in McMaster Divinity College’s mission statement.

In the next 8 months, during the pandemic, God provided all the resources I needed to leave the work I knew and a place I was comfortably living my own plan, and move to Hamilton to pursue God’s plan. 

Since January 2022, I have been blessed by my studies at McMaster Divinity College, with all the essential courses I need to work in ministry. Through MDC, I found a church that needed a pastor who could speak Portuguese and English. I am currently completing my ministry formation placement at this church and hope I will finish my studies soon and be able to help write God’s story in the world. 


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