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Through the generosity of numerous individuals, churches, and foundations, McMaster Divinity College is able to provide substantial financial aid to most qualifying students.

A combination of low tuition rates, and the resources available through our financial aid program ensure that most students can proceed through their program without incurring a burdensome debt load.

Student aid, disbursed by McMaster Divinity College, is a gift.

The purpose of the financial aid program at MDC is to enable students to pursue theological education and training when their financial circumstances make this difficult. The Financial Aid Committee determines aid based on a variety of factors, such as previous academic performance, financial resources available to the student and course load. We encourage all students needing financial aid to apply.

Financial Aid deadlines are as follows:

All PhD students/applicants –  February 1
All other current/returning students – May 1
New program applicants – June 1


Other Possible Forms of Financial Assistance:

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) – Loan

Students enrolled in the PhD and MA degrees may be eligible, if qualified, for loans, grants, or awards granted under the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). Please choose McMaster Divinity College as your institution. For more information, click here.

Students enrolled in the MDiv and MTS degrees, and the Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Ministry may be eligible, if qualified, for loans, grants, or awards granted under the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). Students enrolling in Fall 2020 or later should select McMaster Divinity College as your institution. Students who began their programs prior to Fall 2020 should select McMaster University as their institution.  For more information, click here.

MA and PhD students may contact MDC’s Registrar’s Office at MDiv, MTS, Cert and DipMin students may contact the McMaster University OSAP office at

McMaster Divinity College Academic Achievement Awards
McMaster Divinity College gives students who show exceptional ability in certain specified areas prizes and awards at the end of the academic year.

Graduate Assistant Placements
Placements to provide Graduate Assistants for faculty and staff (maximum 10 hours per week) are awarded on a competitive basis to students in good academic standing, usually awarded to students in the MA and PhD programs. Students must be enrolled full-time. Notice of available positions is advertised within the College.